Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 review: Foldable Device

Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 Review

A few days after I put my SIM card into the MIX Fold 2, I started to have mixed feelings about the phone. There are a lot of good things about it, but there are also some bad things that really bother me. In this review, I’ll tell you what I think about the MIX Fold 2 right now.

Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 Body:

Weight and Thickness:

MIX Fold 2’s main strength and weakness are that it is thick. Xiaomi’s MIX Fold 2 is the thinnest foldable phone on the market. When it is open, it is only 5 millimeters thick. It’s easy to hold with one or two hands, and it feels like strong cardboard. When it’s closed, it’s 11mm thick, which is too thick.

Most of what people do with foldable phones is on the outside screen. It’s hard to hold with one hand because it weighs 262g and has a very smooth, frosted back cover. My pinky is cramping up like I’ve been holding a brick for too long. This must be the best folding phone ever because the grip is so thin and light. I don’t think people who only have one hand should buy foldable phones.

Screen Ratio:

Because the phone is bigger, you might be let down if you have high hopes for it. Because of the way the ratio works, most videos seen online are smaller than what can fit on a phone screen. Please make the screen size closer to 1:1. When watching a movie, both the outside and the inside screens are the same size.

APP Adaptation:

With the APP version, you won’t be able to do anything else useful on a big screen. It’s hard to use apps on Android tablets that aren’t made for tablets. The bigger screen could show more information, but most of the time it doesn’t because of the way the user interface is set up. Only three of the nine most popular apps really used the whole width of the screen.

The only good thing about such a big screen is that it makes it easier to do more than one thing at once, especially when you use Floating windows. I never miss a high point when I’m responding to texts. The smart logic behind how it works means that you only need to press one button to do everything. The floating windows on Xiaomi are a lot more useful than the split screen mode. There can’t be any vertical or horizontal screen dividers. Because of this, it’s hard to watch videos.


Hinges and folds are important parts of the design of a foldable phone. Its MIX Fold 2 is small and light because the hinge has been streamlined. In the Unboxing video, I showed why you can’t keep your viewing angle the same. Even though it’s the same height, Xiaomi didn’t make it better in any way. The only advantage of the hinge over the Samsung Z Fold is that there is no gap when the phone is closed.

The folds, which are typical for a device that can be folded, don’t seem to have any practical use. Because of this part, people who use their folding phones every day won’t have to worry about wrinkles. On the MIX Fold 2, the handwriting was tried with a Xiaomi Pad Stylus. As expected, it doesn’t work with styluses. Those who need that feature should look elsewhere, like at the Samsung Z fold 4.


Both good and bad things happen when you play games on the MIX Fold 2. In games like PUBG, the unusual aspect ratio makes the field of view bigger and makes it easier to kill chickens. Except for the 90fps mode, there is nothing wrong with the game.

Genshin and other games like it are like putting a Magnifier on your eyes because they make it hard to see everything around you. The pictures on the iPad mini 6 are better. If you don’t hold the phone out while playing the game, the heat slows the frame rate. It works well, but if you open the phone, the main source of heat is on the other side.

The frame rate is just a little bit higher than what’s needed for such a small phone, but you can still play the game with the graphics turned down. But Genshin Impact on this iPhone doesn’t have a great display, and this enlarged image could make you go blind if you look at it too closely. How much can I rate the time I’ve spent playing the game? You have to decide; I don’t know.


The camera on the MIX Fold 2 is fine, but it doesn’t really stand out. The Xiaomi 12S or 12S Pro could be a better choice for a camera. The main camera, the IMX 766, works best when there is some light.

Main camera:

A new phone would be cheaper than two lenses. The better algorithm makes sure that the color palette is pleasing and has enough contrast. When you look more closely, the problems become clear. The white balance of the lens also changes. This isn’t because of LEICA Authentic, though, because the same thing happens with LEICA Vibrant. When you open up your phone to take a picture, the viewfinder will lose some resolution, but the picture you get will still be good.

I’m happy that all three lenses can record in 4k at 30 fps and can be switched out in the middle of a recording. In general, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is the best phone for taking pictures.

The MIX Fold 2 only has a front-facing camera. The front camera on Xiaomi phones isn’t very good, except for the CIVI line. Since the back camera of the phone can be used to take self-portraits, the front-facing camera is not needed.

Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 Google services:

A lot of people want to know if this phone works with all of Google’s services. As you might have guessed, this is Xiaomi’s most expensive smartphone. You can make your basic Android phone work with GMS by turning it on in settings. In fact, GMS can be used on all Xiaomi phones, not just the MIX Fold 2. We’ve tried out a few phones that can run all of Google’s APPs. If the video doesn’t work on your phone, we’ll let you know in the video description.

The MIX Fold 2 folding phone, which is the second generation, is great. The body’s lightness and small size make up for the loss of some features. As a cell phone, it’s not all that good. It’s crazy that I paid more than I should have and got fewer features than with a flagship model. Since every cell phone has the same problem, only people with a lot of money should think about getting one. You might find MIX Fold 2 useful.

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