Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Review: Best Gaming Phone Review

Black Shark 5 short review:

We have watched how mobile gaming devices have changed for a long time. This Black Shark 5 is their newest gaming phone, and it just came out all over the world. The Black Shark 5 works well for a cheap gaming phone because it has a high-end battery solution and a cooling unit, but it doesn’t have the cutting-edge features of some of the most popular gaming phones in the past. From what I can tell, it wants to be like the Black Shark 4 that came before it.


The idea behind the Black Shark 5’s design is the same as that of its predecessor, but the new model looks more normal. It looks like a top-of-the-line device because it has an edge-curved back cover and a camera module that looks like it came from the future. Still, it looks more interesting than most of the new top gadgets.

Black Shark 5 follows the same formula as its predecessors. Metal and glass, but the new mech-style back is prettier. A gaming phone’s camera module contains an RGB LED flash. The protruding camera is both appropriate and attractive. The Black Shark 5 is larger than the normal smartphone, like other gaming phones. Once you have it, you may conclude that the superior build quality is worth less portability.

Black Shark 5 is my favorite because of its pop-up shoulder buttons. This phone seems like a portable game console when touched. The phone produced a gun-loading sound whenever I flicked the magnetic switch. Each switch and the trigger may launch applications or perform other things. One acts as a shutter button on my camera.

The Black Shark 5 boasts two gaming-specific pressure-sensitive regions that can map virtual function keys by pressing the screen. The Magic Press features 15 gaming shortcuts and may be configured for other uses. Alipay, WeChat, and health code scanning are popular in China. Quick Press and arm switches make this model more practical than others.


The Black Shark 5 doesn’t seem to have changed much when it comes to the screen. Still, the screen is great and ranks high among gaming smartphones. The 6.67-inch AMOLED screen can refresh at up to 144 hertz, works with HDR10+, and can get as bright as 1300 nits at its brightest. Even compared to other normal phones in the same price range, the screen is top-notch.

The best new thing about the Black Shark 5 is its better stereo speakers. We tested a lot of mobile devices, and this one is in our top three.

Performance & Gaming:

The Black Shark 5 does not have any new CPUs. Still, the Snapdragon 870 chip is used. In reality, it looks like the 870 processor is still the best option for a very cheap model on the market. Just put the blame on Qualcomm. We have learned a lot about the 870 chipsets, such as how well it handles temperature and power. Here, you can see how well it works and how it plays.

Based on these results, it seems likely that the Black Shark 5 could still work well as a gaming phone. The best things about the phone are how well it gets rid of heat and how long its battery lasts. Also, the Black Shark 5 could be a great alternative and a big money saver if you’re looking for a gaming version that runs games smoothly without getting too hot or using a lot of power.


The Black Shark 5 is an updated gaming phone with a camera that is just a little bit better. Instead of 48 megapixels, the main camera now has 64 megapixels. Even though it’s not as good as smartphones when it comes to taking pictures. But it’s good to see that the series has been updated in ways that aren’t just about games.

But for now, let’s look at some sample footage from Black Shark 5. The 64MP sensor makes it possible for the samples to show more accurate colors and be clearer. Also, there is less variation in how well the white balance works. The 13-megapixel wide-angle camera, on the other hand, seems like a good addition. Even though the 13MP resolution of the primary lens isn’t as good as the 64MP resolution of the secondary lens, we could still get high-quality, consistent color and detail.

The last sensor we’ll talk about is a macro model, which is like the others we’ve talked about. It works well enough for shooting up close, but the image quality isn’t very good.

In low light, the main camera has a wider contrast ratio than the Black Shark 4, which makes images much clearer.

Battery & Charging:

Since the Pro edition, the Black Shark 5’s power solution has stayed the same size. As a bonus, it has a 4650 mAh battery and can be charged quickly with a 120W cable. It only took 16 minutes to finish the charging test, making it one of the fastest options available right now. Also, it looks like the battery is in good shape. In our tests, the device’s 144Hz screen had no effect on how long the battery lasted.

The fifth season of Black Shark is over. The more we use this device, the less we think of it as a gaming device and more as a cheap option for regular people. Since most Smartphone games don’t really need high performance, the Black Shark 5 is still one of the best options for mobile device users in the first quarter of 2022.

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