Xiaomi 12 Series Globally Launch With New Price Tag

Xiaomi 12 Series Is Launched In The Global Market With A New Price Tag

Xiaomi 12 Series Globally Launch With New Price Tag- If you buy a Xiaomi phone in China at the end of 2021, you’ll be able to say “hello” to the rest of the world. You can watch the global launch event through the live stream below. It starts at 12 noon GMT, and you can watch it.

We think we’ll see the three main phones, the Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, and 12X, and maybe a few other smartphones. If the Xiaomi 12 Ultra doesn’t show up today; the triple 50MP cameras on the Pro model will be the best we see from the company today. This is because we don’t think the Xiaomi 12 Ultra or the mini version will be released.

Xiaomi has said that the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active will be part of the launch. Sporty: This is a different version of the S1 watch that was on sale last year. Expect to see other smart devices at this event, and maybe some low-end; phones too (the Redmi 10C seems ready to go).

As a side note, there is another Xiaomi event this week. The Redmi K50 will be shown off in China on March 17. (Thursday). If some of them are renamed Poco F4 models for the rest of the world, that’s likely to happen; too (we know there is at least a Poco F4 and an F4 Pro in the works). The Redmi 10 will also be released in India on Thursday, so keep an eye out for that!


They are finally here. The Xiaomi 12 series will soon be available in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa; the Middle East, and Latin America, and they may also be available in other parts of the world as well. Now, here are the prices of three different types.

Xiaomi 12 Series Is Launched In The Global Market With A New Price Tag

The top-of-the-line Xiaomi 12 Pro will cost $1,000/€1,000 for a phone with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This is the price for the phone now. One with 12GB of RAM will be available too (with the same 256GB storage). We can’t compare prices because the Mi 11 Pro hasn’t been sold in the world.

$750/€800 if you want the Xiaomi 12 with 8/128GB of storage. This is not the only option. There will also be an 8/256GB and a 12/128GB option; €50 more than the Mi 11 (8/128GB) was sold for when it first came out. Xiaomi 12 Series Globally Launch With New Price Tag.

The Xiaomi 12X will have a Snapdragon 870; instead of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1; and will start at $650/€700 for an 8/128GB phone. There is only one way to get more storage. It doubles the storage to 256GB.

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