Vivo iQOO Neo6 SE Features an AMOLED Display with a 1200Hz Touch Sampling Rate

Vivo iQOO Neo6 SE introduces an AMOLED Display with a 1200Hz Touch Sampling Rate.

When the iQOO Neo6 SE comes out on May 6th in China, iQOO wants to get people excited. To do this, the company has started releasing hints about the device’s specs.

A post from iQOO on Weibo says that the iQOO Neo6 SE will have an AMOLED screen.

HDR10+ certified Samsung E4 AMOLED screen is shown on the iQOO Neo 6 SE by the poster. It has 120Hz and is flat. 1200Hz touch sampling rate: This is the most important feature of the screen. It lets users have a smoother and faster touch experience. The brightness of the screen can reach 1300 nits.

Vivo iQOO Neo6 SE Features an AMOLED Display with a 1200Hz Touch Sampling Rate.

The iQOO Neo 6 SE has a very fast screen, but it needs a powerful CPU to run it.

The iQOO Neo6 SE will run on the Snapdragon 870, Qualcomm’s tried-and-true top-of-the-line chip. This means the phone will run smoothly and quickly. Will have a 4700mAh battery and be able to charge at 80W with the iQOO 80W fast charge. If iQOO gets Android 12 out of the box, it will also have a new look for its UI.

The iQOO Neo 6 SE will have a 64MP main camera, which is the same as the main camera on the Neo 6. This is different from the 50MP lens on the Neo 5 SE. Also, the 64MP sensor will be able to use Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

The design of the IQOO Neo6 SE has been shown off recently, and it looks like the device will have three cameras and come in two different colors: Orange or Dark Teal.

Most of the specifications of the iQOO Neo 6 SE will be the same as the original iQOO Neo 6. You can read about the iQOO Neo6 SE’s unveiling on May 6th. That’s Friday, which is the day after that.

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