Tecno SPARK 9 Pro Review

Tecno SPARK 9 Pro Short Review

We’ll show off the SPARK 9 Pro, which is Tecno’s newest smartphone. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who hasn’t heard of the Tecno brand. Developing markets are where their smartphones do the best. The SPARK 9 Pro, which costs about $170, is one of their newest and most affordable phones. After using the SPARK 9 Pro for a while, I started to think differently about cheap phones.

Tecno SPARK 9 Pro: Design & Display

Take a moment to look over the accessories that come with the SPARK 9 Pro. Case for a computer that keeps it safe. This PC case won’t fade like other soft cases, which turn yellow over time. An 18w charger is also available. It comes with a card reader, a charging cord, and wired headphones. There is a jack for headphones, so the answer is yes. Also, the alert light for messages is much stranger than the port for headphones.

This will help if your phone doesn’t have AOD. Also, the SPARK 9 Pro’s card reader slot works with both SIM cards and SD cards and is sealed with a red bezel to keep water and dust out. Even though it is cheap, it does not come with a Micro-B charging connector. Even the fingerprint scanner, which used to be in the back, has been moved to the side. Aesthetically, it looks good.

The back and bezel are both perfectly flat, and the area where you hold them is frosted. Even though it is common to make the phrase bigger, I think it looks better to put the logo and motto in the corner. On the camera module, there are only two simple circles. True, a simple phone camera doesn’t need a fancy design.


The SPARK 9 Pro has a 32-megapixel front-facing camera. It has more pixels than many front-facing cameras that are 8MP or 16MP. Also, the AI Portrait enhancer feature will make your low-light photos much clearer. It’s not just for looks; the picture is much clearer now. And as you can see above, when you switch to its beauty mode, the mole goes away.

The front-facing camera also has the Nightscape mode, which improves exposure and cuts down on noise in low light. The Circle Display Fill-in Light is a unique feature that can only be found on selfie-focused smartphones. It serves as both a light to let you know you have a message and a flash for the front of the phone.

I was wrong about everything I thought I knew about entry phones. If it’s very dark, don’t use the flash so that your hair doesn’t get lost in the picture. This 32MP front camera can record video at up to 2K quality, while the front cameras on many flagship phones can only record video at 1080P quality. Even though it doesn’t have electronic image stabilization, the Tecno SPARK 9 Pro’s front camera is better than other phones in the same price range (EIS).

Back Camera:

Now that we’ve talked about the front-facing camera, let’s look at the one on the back. The back camera on the SPARK 9 Pro isn’t as good as the front camera. One of the three cameras is the main 50MP camera, while the other two are just zoom lenses. The main camera, on the other hand, works pretty well most of the time. There is a good range of brightness and darkness in the images. The bokeh in portrait mode is very good, which may be because of the Bokeh camera. I really like how this bokeh effect makes the picture look like it was taken with a professional camera.

Even though the daytime pictures aren’t much better than those from other brands, the nighttime pictures will blow your mind. In auto mode, it’s easy for nighttime photos taken with an entry-level smartphone to be a little too bright. But once you turn on “super night mode,” all of your photos will look much better. Photos taken in low light with a phone that costs more than $300 now have a normal exposure and dynamic range. TECNO seems to have spent a lot of time getting the night mode algorithm just right, which is unusual for low-end smartphones.

The main camera on the SPARK 9 Pro can record 4K video at 30 frames per second. Due to the lack of EIS, it is dangerous to film while walking.

Battery and Performance:

The LCD screen on the SPARK 9 Pro is Full High Definition Plus. The Lcd on this short, cheap phone is the norm.

Even though PUBG can’t be turned on at 30 frames per second and the device has a basic MTK G85 chipset, the good news is that even at that low rate, the frame rate in-game stays the same.

Even though it has a big 5000mAh battery, 20 minutes of PUBG only uses 4% of that power. 4% of your time is used up when you spend 30 minutes on TikTok. About 5% more bandwidth is used when 1080p video is watched online. In any case, I couldn’t empty its cell completely in a single day.

We’ve found that most entry-level smartphones are functionally the same, but have different looks. On the other hand, I haven’t seen any cheap phones besides the SPARK 9 Pro that are made for taking selfies. Also, for a phone that costs $170, the back camera is so good that it’s hard to believe that it’s an entry-level model.

At this price, it’s a no-brainer to buy if you want to take photos and selfies that meet stricter standards.

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