Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 Short Review

The Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 is a good folding phone, but it feels like it hasn’t hit its stride yet. The changes from Flip 3 from last year are so small that this phone could have mostly been a firmware update. So, like its predecessor, the Flip 4 is a great technical achievement, but it has a few problems that, if Samsung fixed them, would make a big difference in how users feel about the device.

Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 Specifications:


If the Galaxy Fold 4 combines a tablet and a phone into one device, then the Flip 4 is what you get when you combine a smartwatch and a phone. The tiny 1.9-inch cover screen has a few more useful features than the Flip 3, like being able to send quick canned text responses, but it still doesn’t let you do much. It’s kind of like sticking a smartwatch to the back of a folding phone.

Even though it’s not much different from last year and there’s still room for improvement, I really like this phone a lot, but not for the reasons I thought I would. Even though the cameras aren’t very good, I really like taking pictures with them. It also needs less of your attention than most smartphones do. With a traditional slab-style phone; it’s much harder to read a notification on the small cover screen, dismiss it, and move on with my life. Even if Samsung did that by accident, I like it.

Even though the Flip 4 is small, I wouldn’t say that it’s a small phone. Nine times out of ten, when you need to do something with it, you have to open it. Once you do that, you know it’s a Big Phone. But when I fold it; it fits nicely into the front pocket of my jeans, which is more useful than I thought.


Samsung made some small changes to the Flip 4’s look that make it feel a little different than the 3. The aluminum rails are shiny; which is different from the Flip 3’s matte finish, and the hinge is a bit flatter. No one should switch from a Flip 3 to a Flip 4; just because of these changes, but they do give the phone a more expensive look that fits.

You still need two hands to open it because the hinge is still strong. You can sort of pry it open with one hand and flip it with the other to open it all the way. But that makes me feel sick. When the phone is closed; there is still a gap between the two halves of the screen, and it is the same thickness as Fold 3. The screen is 17.1mm wide; at the hinge and 15.9mm wide where the two ends meet. In its specs, Samsung calls that the “sagging” side, which I thought was pretty cool.


The things that were good about the Flip 3 are still good here. It’s waterproof, has a great main screen, and costs $999, which is a lot, but not as much as the $1,799 Fold 4. But whether you should buy it or not depends on what you want. I think most people will want the (hopefully) next version of this device, which will have a bigger; more useful cover screen and a thinner body. Right now, it’s both a great little gadget that I’m tempted to buy for myself and something that doesn’t live up to its full potential.

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