Realme GT Neo3 will Come with Unique Design

The Realme GT Neo3 will have a Distinctive Look and Feel

People who work for the company say that another chip will be important. The Realme GT Neo3 will be one of the first phones to run on the Dimensity 8100. This chip will help the Dimensity’s Mali-G610 MC6 GPU run at a steady frame rate and in some cases use less power.

You may have seen it on phones and TVs. It works in the same way as MEMC, which is motion estimation, motion compensation. It takes low frame rate footage and makes it look better at a higher frame rate.

At 120 frames per second, this chip can make the best use of the high refresh rate of the phone’s screen. It will also help with heavier games. In the video below, you can see the Realme GT Neo3 and its graphics chip at work.


The Realme GT Neo3 will have a Distinctive Look and Feel

When you look at Genshin Impact in the upper part of the picture, you can see how hard it is to play. Interpolation is on in the lower part of the picture. It shows the game running at 90 fps. It’s important to note that the video was shot at a slower speed to show the difference more clearly

IQOO did the same thing with the iQOO 9, but that phone has a Snapdragon 888+. Realme is the first company to use a Dimensity chip to do this, and they did it first.

By the way, the Realme GT Neo3 will be used in the national Honor of Kings competition, which is run by the company. A lot of people are interested in iQOO, which sponsors the HoK KPL league. This makes it even more competitive with that company, which is a direct competitor.

If the Dimensity 8100 has fast LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1, then the phone will be fast in general, not just for games. On March 22, we’ll learn more about the phone, its 150W charging speed, and more.

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