OnePlus Ace Racing Edition Review

OnePlus Ace Racing Edition Review

The people who started OnePlus used to say that their company only made high-end phones. But now that the R and RT series is out, it’s clear that OnePlus is focusing on less expensive options. A few weeks ago, we had the OnePlus ACE for a short time. Even though the device is compatible with the powerful Dimensity 8100 Max chipset and up to 150W quick charge, many OnePlus fans were disappointed that it didn’t have a “Never Settle” slogan or an alert slider. Check out our review of a device like the OnePlus ACE Racing Edition, which could show that the OnePlus has just started to get its feet under it.

OnePlus Ace Racing Edition Specification:


OnePlus ACE was built on Realme GT Neo 3, while OPPO K10 Racing Edition is a facelift (review). Since they both utilize the same back cover material, the changes are minimal. This matte-finished plastic might be good at avoiding fingerprints, but it might not be good at getting rid of heat. We’ll find out soon when we put it through our gaming test.

The camera module of the OnePlus ACE Racing Edition is almost the same as that of the OPPO K10. Even though OnePlus placed a styled camera in the bottom right corner of the phone, only two of them function for ordinary photography and the other is a 2-megapixel macro lens.

I think many people don’t want to deal with the high latency of Bluetooth headphones while playing games, so that’s a plus for the Racing Edition. Unfortunately, Sony is the only flagship phone maker that supports a 3.5mm headphone socket. So far, the Racing version looks like it will be good.


The OnePlus ACE Racing Edition does have a 1080P 120Hz LCD screen for screen. This is shown by its bigger chin, wider bezels, and bigger hole for the front-facing camera. The fingerprint scanner has been moved to the phone’s side. The fingerprint button on the display is quicker and more reliable than the screen reader.

The LCD screen on the Racing Edition is clearer than the one on the OnePlus ACE, especially when reading text. But as you can see, the LCD panel isn’t as good as the OLED in terms of color, contrast, and brightness because it doesn’t have HDR capabilities and shows muted tones.

Since the OnePlus ACE Racing Edition doesn’t have AOD, you’ll have to wake it up to check the time or see if you have any new notifications. This makes it less than ideal for movie fans.

Performance & Benchmarks of OnePlus Ace Racing Edition:

The OnePlus ACE Racing Edition has an upgraded processor called the Dimensity 8100 Max. In this video, I’ll show how well the Dimensity 8100 Max runs on a OnePlus phone with the ACE Racing Edition, since we didn’t do that in the unboxing video for the OnePlus ACE.

The single-core score for GeekBench 5 is 959, and the score for multiple cores is 3760. The Antutu score is 777529. The 3D MARK has a 6000 on it. How well does it work in games? It works a little bit better than just the Redmi K50. When I played Genshin Impact on the OnePlus ACE Racing Edition for the first ten minutes, the frame rate stayed at around 50 fps. However, as the phone heated up, the frame rate dropped to around 40, even though I didn’t think the phone was too hot.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not yet set up to work well with this device. Even with the highest-quality HDR settings, we can only get a frame rate of at least 40 fps. It’s clear that the Dimensity chipset has it way too easy.

OnePlus Ace Racing Edition Review: Cameras

Even though the Ace Racing is probably not aimed at people who are very interested in photography, we’ve still compared the cameras of the two phones here. Compared to the OnePlus ACE, Ace Racing’s camera setup isn’t as good, and the main camera doesn’t even have OIS.

The Racing Edition’s primary camera offers comparable dynamic range and detail as this device, but the colors are less brilliant and the field of view is narrower. The OnePlus ACE offers a larger field of vision and more brilliant colors than the OnePlus 5.

In low light, the difference is even more obvious since the Racing Edition has a smaller sensor and no OIS.

When you look at the samples, the Racing Edition shot looks brighter, but when you look at the specifications, you can see that it utilizes a higher ISO and quicker camera settings, which is why the sample has less detail.

The interesting thing is that if you manually turn on night mode to slow the shutter speed and hold on tight to the racing version, you can take a night photo with more detail than this device.

The ultra-wide-angle lens on the OnePlus ACE Racing Edition does a better job than the one on the OnePlus ACE. Even in low light, the pictures it takes have more detail and accurate colors.

Full-size samples of the OnePlus ACE and ACE Racing edition are now on the market.

OnePlus Ace Racing Edition Review: Battery & Charging

A 5000 mAh battery that can be quickly charged at up to 65W powers the OnePlus ACE Racing Edition. It took 30 minutes to get to 71% charge, and another 22 minutes to finish charging.

That’s the end of my full review of this device. It’s not a OnePlus phone and lacks many of its features. It’s, not a horrible handset at this price and can compete with OnePlus’ flagships in gaming. I miss the alert slider on this first-time OnePlus phone.

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