Nothing Ear (2) Spec Leak

Nothing Ear (2) Spec Leak

Nothing (2) Ear Render Leak:

Carl Pei’s Nothing company looks like it’s getting ready to put out at least a couple of new earphones soon. The brand came out with the Nothing earbuds last year, and it looks like a new model is on the way. Some renders have surfaces that show how the Nothing earbuds are made.

Compared to the Nothing ear (1), the changes seem to be small. The clear case is still there, as is the overall look of the product. The only real change we could see is that the Nothing logo on the stem of the buds has been replaced with “ear (2).” There are still no details about the hardware of the Nothing earbuds, which is unfortunate.

Nothing could take off soon. The Nothing ear (2) TWS earbuds has exclusive access to new pictures of the upcoming low-cost earbuds. Kuba Wojciechowski, who is well known and trusted, is the source of the leaks. The Nothing ear (2) images show that the outside of the audio wearable hasn’t changed much.


Images of the stem on the new ear (2) show that the Nothing logo has been replaced with “ear (2)” branding. The transparent case is mostly the same, and the Nothing ear (2) is likely to keep the idea of internals that can be seen through. The case for the ear (2) looks a lot like the one that is already there.

Nothing Ear (2) Spec Leak

We don’t know much about the hardware yet, but we might learn more as the launch date gets closer.

We do know, though, that Carl Pei’s company is getting closer to releasing another set of earbuds called the Nothing Ear (stick) on October 26. During London Fashion Week, hints were given about the buds, and the company has made it clear that weight will be one of the most important aspects of the product. The Nothing Ear (stick) Buds are made to be worn all day, even though they only weigh 4.4 grams.

Nothing Earbuds (2) Specification:

The Nothing ear (2) has 11.6mm dynamic drivers and supports both AAC and SBC codecs. It also has noise cancellation that is both passive and active. This includes the Clear Voice technology, which is made possible by the three-microphone setup that cancels out background noise. The stems can also be controlled by touch and slide, and they have an IPX4 rating.

The Nothing ear (2) also has a battery life of up to 34 hours when ANC is turned off and up to 24 hours when ANC is turned on and the case is used. Both USB Type C and Qi wireless chargers can be used to charge the case. It works with Android and iOS and has Bluetooth 5.2.

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