Google Pixel Fold Spec Leak

Google Pixel Fold Spec Leak

Specs on the Folding Google Pixel Surface:

The Google Pixel Fold (codenamed “Felix”) will have two screens, one on the inside and one on the outside. Both screens will be made by Samsung.

The internal screen will have a resolution of 1840 x 2208 (5:6), and its listed dimensions are 123mm x 148mm. After reviewing geometry to figure out the diagonal length of the display’s hypotenuse (192.44 mm), I found that the diagonal length of the display is 7.58 inches.

Wojciechowski says that the display’s peak brightness will be 1200 nits and its average brightness will be 800 nits. The source doesn’t know for sure, but they say the screen may be able to refresh at 120Hz.

The same developer had already found out that the Felix has three cameras: a 64MP IMX787 main camera, a 12MP IMX386 ultrawide camera, and a 10.8MP S5K3J1 telephoto camera. The internal screen has an 8MP IMX355 selfie camera, and the external screen has an S5K3J1 selfie camera.


Back in July, a developer looked through Google’s code and found information; about the cameras on the Google Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, a Pixel tablet, and a Pixel foldable smartphone. The same developer looked through the code for Android 13; Quarterly Platform Release 1 and found information about the second Pixel foldable’s camera.

Google Pixel Fold Spec Leak

This second Pixel foldable which has the code name “Felix,” makes references to when it is folded and when it is open, as well as to the outer and inner cameras. The back camera system has three parts: the 64MP IMX787 (primary), the 12MP IMX386 (ultrawide), and the 10.8MP S5K3J1 (telephoto). The inner camera has an 8MP IMX355 sensor, while the front-facing outer camera also has an S5K3J1 sensor.

The Google Pixel Fold “Felix” is a second device that folds up. At first, it was thought that Google would release a foldable in late 2021. However, the company changed its mind and must have started working on what would have been its replacement. It was said that the first foldable Pixel would have the same cameras; as the Pixel 5 and a 7.6-inch screen on the inside.

The developer also found references to a high-end Pixel tablet; with the codename “T6Pro” or “tangorpro.” The code suggests that it is still in the early stages of development and doesn’t show any changes; from the regular model, which is called “T6” or “tangor.”

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