Apple Announces Mac Studio with M1 Max & M1 Ultra

Mac Studio with M1 Max and M1 Ultra has been announced by Apple:

Today, Apple Announces Mac Studio with M1 Max & M1 Ultra, its most powerful ARM-based custom processor. It will be used in the new Mac Studio desktop computer, which Apple is making.

The M1 Ultra is made up of two M1 Max chips that are connected together by a new interconnect system called UltraFusion. Apple calls this new system UltraFusion. This has a silicon interposer that can send 2.5TB/s of data at the same time. There is less of an issue with latency and bandwidth when two chips are connected through the motherboard instead of through a cable.

M1 Max & M1 Ultra:


There are twice as many CPU cores and GPU cores in M1 Ultra than there are in M1 Max. The M1 Ultra also has twice as many neural engines as the M1 Max.

So, Apple has some numbers for us to look at. The M1 Ultra claims to be 90 percent faster than an Intel Core i9-12900K while using the same amount of power. It also claims to be able to match Intel’s peak performance by using 100W less. The M1 Ultra is also more powerful than the 12900K in multi-threaded tasks, even though Apple didn’t say which tasks they were.

At its peak, the 64-core model uses 200W less power than the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090. It also does better than the Nvidia card, which is why it’s better for games. Again, Apple didn’t say what the goal was.

Also, the M1 Ultra’s memory bandwidth is higher than on previous models, with a speed of 800GB/s. The M1 Ultra can be set up with up to 128GB of shared memory. As with other M1 models, this whole pool of memory can be used by both the CPU and the GPU, just like on other M1 models.

When it comes to media decoding, the M1 Ultra has a lot more power because it has two media engine blocks. It can play back up to 18 streams of 8K ProRes 422 video at the same time. Up to five displays, four of which can be 6K Pro Display XDR and one of which can be 4K.

Mac Studio:


Finally, when it comes to software, the M1 Ultra will look like a single processor to applications. This means that all programs will run and grow automatically without having to be changed. In addition, macOS has been made to grow with the hardware, so it can also take advantage of the more powerful chip.

During Apple’s “Peek Performance” event, they showed off their most powerful computer ever. The Mac Studio was shown off. The Mac Studio is bigger than the Mac Mini in order to fit Apple’s previous best processor. The M1 Max, and its new best processor, the M1 Ultra. It also has a bigger hard drive.

The Mac Studio is only 9.5cm tall and 19.7cm wide and deep. Which makes it very easy to move around for a desk computer. It weighs either 2.7kg or 3.6kg, depending on which processor you choose to run it on (we assume the M1 Ultra justifies the added weight with some sort of heat dissipation hardware).

Apple makes the Mac Studio out of a single piece of aluminum. It also has a thermal system that uses fans at the top of the machine. To get cool air from vents on the bottom and pass it through the system.

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